We differentiate our fitness at Krav Maga away from the traditional fitness culture. We are not the sweaty no shirt club. We focus on group fitness, whether it be fitness kickboxing or circuit training, creating the “group hunt” mentality that will push and inspire us to better livability. Our fitness classes are scalable to all fitness levels and body conditions. A significant part of fitness is durability. We often say, it doesn’t get easier, as subconsciously we incrementally push ourselves further and harder. Come create a fitness lifestyle with us. Fitness is a journey, not a destination.

Our Fitness Kickboxing classes develop power, speed, accuracy, distancing, footwork and body movement while practicing effective punches, strikes, and kicks at full power on our professional six foot heavy bags. Classes vary from focusing on building cardiovascular endurance, core strengthening and developing explosive power through plyometric exercises.

Our Fitness Circuit classes are the ultimate challenge for every muscle fiber and lung cell in your body. Using High-Intensity Interval Training, we vary the work and rest intervals each week so your body will not adapt to the class format. Classes combine bodyweight exercises, kettlebell and dumbbell routines, plyometric movements and cardio workouts.